📢 Ignite DAO's First Proposal: Kickstarting the Memetic Growth of Zilliqa

We are thrilled to announce the first governance proposal under Ignite DAO, signaling the beginning of an exciting journey to ignite the memetic growth of Zilliqa and towards decentralized decision-making & inclusivity within our community. This proposal marks a significant step forward] to leverage the power of memes and collective creativity to propel the development and awareness of the Zilliqa ecosystem.

:fire: Ignite DAO’s x ZILPepe Airdrop: Unleashing the Power of Memes

Ignite DAO is committed to supporting innovative projects that contribute to the growth and awareness of the Zilliqa ecosystem. In line with this vision, we have recently invested in ZILPepe, recognizing the power of memes and mimetic forces in driving blockchain development and fostering widespread adoption.

Memes have proven to be an influential and engaging form of communication, with the ability to capture attention and spark interest across various communities. Ignite DAO aims to harness the positive impact of memes to create awareness for Zilliqa, attract new users, and promote the development of creative and meme-centric applications on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Together, we possess the ability to forge a strong and united community, leveraging the power of memes to fuel growth and engagement. This proposed airdrop not only rewards our users but also serves as a catalyst for cultivating a vibrant “Frog Army” of meme creators and enthusiasts who are passionate about the Zilliqa ecosystem.

By distributing tokens to those who actively stake, we empower our community to take an active role in the growth of Ignite DAO and the broader Zilliqa network. Let us unite our creative forces, harness the power of memes, and embark on an exciting journey of collaboration and collective success. Together, we can make an indelible impact on the blockchain industry and pave the way for a more inclusive and meme-powered future.

:inbox_tray: Proposal Details: Airdrop and Allocation

As part of this proposal, we suggest airdropping 0.75% (3,155,178,155,179.152) of the total 2.5% ZILPepe supply to Ignite DAO stakers that stake with their smart wallet. The whole 2.5% supply will be fall under the Ignite DAO community. The remaining 1.75% will be reserved for future voting and distribution. We believe that rewarding our loyal stakers is crucial to fostering engagement and encouraging long-term participation within the Ignite DAO ecosystem.

To ensure fairness and transparency, the proposal suggests a full airdrop of the allocated tokens to users. However, we also acknowledge the importance of reserving a portion of the airdropped tokens for other essential goals, such as marketing initiatives or community development projects. We invite suggestions from the community on how these reserved tokens could be utilized effectively to benefit the overall growth and sustainability of Ignite DAO and the wider ecosystem.

:hourglass: Proposal Duration and Voting

This proposal will be open for one week (until 17th of May end of day UTC time), allowing ample time for all community members to review, discuss, and provide feedback. We encourage you to actively participate in the discussions and share your thoughts on the suggested proposal.

After the one-week duration, we will proceed to the voting phase, where gZIL holders will have the opportunity to cast their votes and decide on the final implementation of the proposal. This is your chance to have a say in shaping the future of Ignite DAO and actively contribute to the growth of the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Let’s ignite the power of community and collective decision-making! Together, we can take Ignite DAO to new heights and pave the way for a more inclusive and vibrant future.

Long live the frog army :frog:

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Does these include those stakers that stake using zillion?

It shouldn’t matter what wallet you use to stake, as long as your staked ZIL are wit he Ignite DAO SSN.

Ideally inside your smart wallet and not Zillion. Not sure we are able to do it outside of the wallet (to also avoid people gaming the system).

In the voting phase do we need to have the gzil in the torch smart wallet?

I am hooked. I look forward to seeing ZilPEPE grow, mature and then breed zillionaires.

Reserving 1.75% for future use is a good idea, and I have to think about some novel ways to use them.

Faster come out with a web wallet soon please

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No. Voting will most likely happen here: Snapshot


Thanks for the clarification Milan.